jimsupreme (jimsupreme) wrote,

battle scars and mosquito bites...

hey everyone,

yep, i'm finally back after a short hiatus online. it's been another hectic few weeks filled with adventure and hilarity. okay, the weeks have been filled in reality with screw jobs and back stabbing..

As many of you know, i'm a comic book artist and as such i need to do as many conventions as possible to properly advertise my product. well, this past month I was screwed out of a table at one of these shows. the show in question? Hobbystar's Fan Expo 2006. I had payed for my table back in july in full, and was told it would all be alright. a few weeks ago I get an e-mail saying i'm not allowed to be at their show basically, the e-mail said since I was a guest at one of their rival shows they didn't want me there. well, that's fine. I can play hardball too. I will be at their show, even without a table and I will be promoting my books as best I can by handing out flyers and freebies to the fans and telling them just how shoddy Hobbystar runs their event. yes, I was not the only once screwed around with they also screwed around with some dealers and other artists so, it's not just a small group and it affects a much larger picture.

I highly reccommend people look at : http://www.stophobbystar.com as it is a great site detailing just what this show does and how it is ruining an industry patron by patron.

oh, and a quick note I STILL haven't received my money back from hobbystar.


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