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meet me at TFCon & Con Bravo this weekend! [Jul. 28th, 2011|12:23 am]
hey folks i'm about to do double duty this weekend as i'll be at  2 conventions the same weekend.

Saturday i'll be in Mississauga for TFCon the annual Canadian Transformers convention and i'll be selling over 1000+ of my Transformers toys, the Cybertronain guides, dvd's, game,s comics and more.all money earned from this will towards me getting a new apartment as I am currently homeless well, not homeless but lacking a place of my own....

for more indo on TFCon: http://www.tfcon.ca/

Sunday i'll be at Con Bravo in Burlington  i'll mostly be hanging out with friends around the show but don't be afraid to come up and say Hi... I don't bite... hard... ^_~
for more info on ConBravo : http://conbravo.com/

I hope to see some of you at these events!

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The Garden [Jun. 28th, 2011|02:17 pm]
This is just a short story I wrote in-between other projects and scripts. it is rather adult so, warning! ADULT THEMES AHEAD other then that enjoy the story and if you like it feel free to draw it up as i'd love to see peoples interpretations of the story.

The Garden

A young girl kneels, naked and blindfolded in a dark candle lit room. She stays as silent as possible while she awaits what is to come. She feels the hand and nails of a female figure softly run over her face and down her back suddenly, the nails of this female figure dig into her back leaving a bloody gouge. The girl lets out a gasp which is responded to with a gag into her mouth.

The pain is tolerable to the girl as she felt blood run down her back. The woman now stands over her watching and smiling at her work. The woman takes the girls face in her hand and looks upon the girl smiling.

" Jessica Ellsmore, you have been chosen and marked to serve the Garden. Your body, soul and
voice now belong to those of us already in service of the Garden." The young girl tries to speak, but is unable to. This sudden realization makes her dread what may happen next.

Jessica hates that she is unable to see where this woman with the soft yet, controlling voice may take her and what she may do to her. Almost in response the woman speaks softly, "You need not worry where you are to go or what I may do to you as long as you comply and service the Garden you will not be harmed and may even one day earn your voice back and get to train the other newcomers we will get one day. You are from this day forward a slave of the Garden. You will find it is not easy but hard work is its own reward dear Jessica. Now, follow me." A collar and lead is placed on Jessica's neck and she is taken from the dark room and lead through dark hallways sometimes little specks of light come through the blindfold. Those brief glimpses seen through the blindfold intrigue her. Soon the two reach their destination and Jessica is asked to kneel and she complies with barely a thought.

Jessica feels the breeze and a sweet smelling air she had never smelled before, almost like lilacs but much sweeter. She can feel the grass tickle her naked body beneath her and the sun beating down on her makes her start to sweat. The woman puts her hand on Jessica's shoulder and removes the blindfold. The sudden light half blinds Jessica. She blinks trying to get used to the light and when she can fully open her eyes what lays before her is a world unlike any she had ever seen.

A bit of drool drops from Jessica's gag as she looks out at grass that is not green but black and trees that look like they are all holding cocoons, human shaped cocoons. The plants, though beautiful, also appear human shaped in one way or another. The sky is bright but not blue; instead it's almost purple in hue and the sun a deep shade of red which gave much of what she saw an eerie glow. There were no words she could use to describe what was now laid out before her and even if she wanted to, she couldn't say those words.

And finally, her gaze comes to the woman who had led her here to this strange place. The woman is older, Jessica thinks mid to late forties with a few wrinkles here and there and a very telling and mysterious scar on her left cheek. The woman wears a one piece latex catsuit and has long red nails poking out of the latex bodysuit. The latex clings to her almost like a second skin. My god look at those heels, Jessica thinks as she examines the eight inch knee high stiletto boots the woman wears with the ease of long practice.

"So, young Jessica, do you like our Garden? It has been hidden away for millennia and tended to by only the very best. That is why we chose you Jessica. You see, we've been watching you for a very long time and your wonderful Garden skills will be of great use to us here. It was decided by the elders to bring you here as the head gardener of section 4 of the Garden as it needs the most amount of love and care. You will water and tend to the Garden's needs. In time you will be able to hear it speak to you of its needs and desires. Of course, if you are unable to please the Garden, you may, like many before you become part of the Garden, many of the plants, trees, animals and other things that reside here were once human like you but when they failed to care for the Garden properly they became mindless parts of it. My scar is a constant reminder to myself to always please the Garden or it will retaliate. The poison the tree used prevents me from being able to leave this place and though I am happy here I do miss the outside world but if I were to try to leave I would die.

"So, now that you understand the risks young Jessica, are you ready to serve the Garden?"

Jessica shakes her head, wanting to leave this place and this strange woman as fast as humanly possible.

"Jessica, you do not have a choice. The Garden has chosen you... even now it bonds with you...see?"

Jessica looks down to see the black grass leaving splotches on her legs that will be removed and when she tries, they only get bigger which make Jessica's eyes widen in panic

"Accept it Jessica. Serve or become one with the Garden; those are your choices"

Jessica panics, unsure what to do as the black shiny goop spreads up her legs. It attaches to every pore in her legs and her head falls back in pleasure as it reaches her privates and enters her.  Her body falls back and the woman watches as a black mass of the latex grass envelops Jessica.

In the mass all Jessica can see is darkness but she doesn't panic. Instead a wave of serenity washes over her as she is encased in the latex.  soon, something enters her mind, and she can hear the Garden talking to her, telling her its desires and what it could offer her as well. Its promises send a wicked grin over her lips as her eyes close again and she fully surrenders to the latex grass.

Jessica wakes several hours later, feeling re-energized, sitting up and looking upon what the latex grass had done to her. She is covered head to toe in a dark yet shiny latex substance. She smiles softly and the suit changes color to correspond to her feelings. She stands and takes it all in, listening to the wants and desires of the plants and trees all around her. Her body responds, walking and getting water and feeding the plants that were formally people who had come before her.

Jessica knows that it may not last forever but she'll do her best to please the Garden as she feels something hard press into her from a plant, a wicked grin coming over her now ruby red lips as
she lets it slide into her and pleases the Garden as best she can as the leaves now wrapped around her and she falls deeper into the ecstasy of the Garden that was now her Mistress and Master.

At the door to section four, the older woman smiles walking down the dark hallway, closing the door behind her. The dozens of other doors now in front of her are also marked with other section names from 1-100. The woman then stops in her tracks as the Garden speaks again.

"Yes, you need another for section 33... I will send out the scouts."
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new projects underway! [Jun. 21st, 2011|10:34 pm]
well, anime north has come and gone and a LOT has happened so i'll get into what I can talk about.

first off, i'm currently writing an all-new, exclusive, classic style Ninja High School comic from Anime North 2012. this will be a 16-24 page exclusive comic and will feature your favourite classic characters as well as a few guest stars.

#2: Thunderchild: A Steampunk War of The Worlds this was formerly known as steam raiders but, I wanted to bring it closer to it's War of the worlds origins so I named it after the heroic ship. this will be a 80-120page graphic novel i'm currently writing it and hoping beyond hope that Ben will have time to draw it as I feel this is one of the best stories i've ever written.

# 3: Swimmer: swimmer will be returning later this year with me on as writer and a new artist at the helm

# 4: Firbidden Love: this is a re-launch of my classic furry comic and will re-tell the story i'm simply re-drawing what I have already and then finishing the story as it was meant to be ended back in 2004.

# 5: Alena : eventually will return... the fist two parts of her new adventures however are written!

# 6: Zo: Zo will be finished! the script is done and all that must be finished is writing it up with all the details and getting it drawn we are hoping for a 2012 release of the full TPB.

#7: other series: i'm working as a writer with my friends tom & Craig on their series (details of which will be coming later)

#8: ISland of Submission: The final page has been written and the series will return to finally end in just a few weeks once I get caught up on other projects.

#9: movie/voice over work: i'm currently working as an extra for the new Totacl recall movie and next week go into the VO booth to do radio ads for the upcoming Muppets movie !

# 10: it never ends but I LOVE doing it!

# 11: meet me at Transformerscon in July where i'll be selling over 600 of my Transformers and some other TF related material!

now, to get back to work!

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Harbourfront of Terror! [Dec. 10th, 2010|02:24 pm]
see me as an evil spectre (aka The anomoly) killing unsuspecting folks in the short film Harbourfront of Terror

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December is FREE GIFT MONTH! [Dec. 3rd, 2010|07:45 pm]
hey everyone,
as we get closer to 2011 and the tenth anniversary of Alpha-Wave Productions we are going to give YOU the presents! for all of December with every direct order we will be giving a free gift be it, original art, one of our other books and other cool stuff.

all ages/teen books available for order include :
Alena's Tank Patol $8.00
Swimmer vol: 1 $10.00
Mighty Tiny: the lost Tails $15.00
Ben Dunn Shorts $20.00
Jenna & Ninja High School $15.00
M*Fuzion # 1 $8.00
Quagmire U.S.A. $18.00
Silver Cross $15.00

Adult books include:
The Complete Changes $20.00
"More" Changes vol: 1 $15.00
Island of Submission vol: 1 $15.00

Original all ages art:
Alena's Tank patrol $5.00 per page
New Swimmer $5.00 per page

Original adult art:
Changes$10.00 per page
"More" Changes $10.00 per page
BDSM & You $5.00 Per page
Island of Submission $10.00 per page

if you want a certain page please inform me of which one .Larger pages are NOT included in the sale.

shipping is included in the price for each book or art if you're overseas please add $2.00 per book/page.

you can pay via check, international money order or, paypal.
Jim Felker
147 Craven Road
Toronto Ontario Canada
M4L 2Z4
paypal : jim.alphawave@gmail.com
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Ben Dunn's Quagmire U.S.A. & Silver Cross on sale now! [Nov. 22nd, 2010|11:01 pm]
well, after a few months of production work both books are now available for everyone that has been waiting patiently on them. If you pre-ordered expect the books to arrive sometime in December after I get my sample copies. We are also experimenting a bit as we are offering not only paperback versions but, digital download versions as well not only of these titles but of all our titles thus far so if you haven't given us a shot or didn't want to clog your room with books check out our digital downloads and help support the little guy!


as well, QUSA and Silver Cross are our final books of 2010 and as we go into 2011 we'll be celebrating my companies 10th anniversary! so, when 2011 rolls around there will be lots of cool stuff to come ..some things I can't even talk about yet! but, they will be announced when the time is right our 2011 schedule is so far like this:

Jan 2011
Changes: BDSM & You

Feb 2011
"More" Changes vol: 2

March 2011
Ninja High School: Salusian Chess
Island of Submission vol: 2

April 2011
Ben Dunn Shorts 2

yet to be announced... the Ultimate warrior nun areala collection, and some secret stuff I cannot yet talk about!

I want to thank everyone for their support over the years and hope you'll stick with us as we enter our tenth year and beyond!

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Fan Expo 2010 or, how NOT to run a convention [Aug. 30th, 2010|10:58 pm]
first off, yes, I always have fun at the event, it is a chance for me to see my friends and peers and yes, I have never liked the showrunners or their ethics when it comes to the shows they put on. This year was an exercise in absolute stupidity when you oversell tickets and fill the building you should STOP selling tickets not continue to sell them and make people wait and be unable to come in to the building due to it being at capacity.

This of course left hundreds if not thousands out in the heat waiting for a chance to come in even people that bought deluxe passes AND DEALERS who were out to get lunches for themselves and their staff could notget back in. the thing I heard the most were complaints. whether it be due to the lines , the overcrowding, the cost, etc.

In my opinion it`s time to split the show up between the two halls one side comics/anime the other horror/games etc this would increase floor space and lessen the crushing crowds and risk of injury to people just wanting to get into the show. we are very lucky no one died this year due to the heat and crushing crowds among other things. I know many people will never come back to fan expo after this year & I may very well be one of them.

the bottomline is this. Hobbystar has never had any ethics and they never will it`s always been about the money to them and  not the people as it should be they couldn`t care less if you wait outside for hours on end or if you payed money and lost your pass or, can`t get into the show back to your staff and table.

there are a LOT of complaints from a lot of people when it comes to what happened this year at Fan Expo & they all are good examples of just how much this show needs to change & it needs to happen.. five years ago.  yeah it`s been like this for several years now and as always Hobbystar has never done anything to change nor will they in my opinion.

I do know this... if there is a hell there is a special place in it for aman gupta and his cronies.
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R,I.P. Satoshi Kon [Aug. 25th, 2010|12:49 am]
well, the world of anime has lost one of it's best and brightest at the young age of 47 details are slim on how he died however. Kon was one of the best known directors of anime for "adults"  his wonderful films included the psychological thriller Perfect Blue  a truly disturbing look at how fame and celebrity  can have it's dark side. 

Millenium Actress a heartbreaking tale of trying to find one of the most famous actresses in Japan as the film follows her through her career and then disappearance.

Tokyo Godfathers  which was a fantastic tale about Three homeless friends who find an abandoned newborn. the they keep it overnight & The next day, using a key found with the baby, they start tracking down the parents, with many adventures along the way. it was just a  beautifully emotional film and his best in my opinion.

and of course i'd be re-miss if I didn't mention Paprika the film that may just have inspired Christopher Nolan's film Inception. The story foucuses on Three scientists at the Foundation for Psychiatric Research who fail to secure a device they've invented, the D.C. Mini, which allows people to record and watch their dreams. A thief uses the device to enter people's minds, when awake, and distract them with their own dreams and those of others.  The trio - Chiba, Tokita, and Shima - assisted by a police inspector and by a sprite named Paprika must try to identify the thief as they ward off the thief's attacks on their own psyches. Dreams, reality, and the movies merge, while characters question the limits of science and the wisdom of Big Brother. it was simply gorgeous to see unfurl and you could really feel for the characters which is important in a film such as that.

Kon was a true original and will truly be missed. i'll be looking forward to his final film releasing next year.

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trying to get back to work... [Aug. 20th, 2010|08:14 pm]
it's been a very hard two weeks... it is not easy to lose a friend and the stress and loss of sleep does not help matters either... I have been trying really hard to write and draw new pages but, as of yet do not have the heart to. I am hoping that this weekend and coming week will be more productive I will do my best to bring you new pages but, cannot promise anything I just wanted to let you all know i'm still around and trying my best to do new pages for you all.. I just need a little time and maybe some encouragement as well.

the new books will be released on time though Mighty Tiny in october, Quagmire USA in November & silvercross in december. I will also be making announcements soon about the possible contents of Ben Dunn Shorts 2.

thank you again for all your support I promise the wait for new material will not be much longer I just needed some time to grieve and move on I hope no one is angry at me for this but, it was something i needed for myself.

I love ya guys & gals

i'll see ya all soon!

P.S. You can meet me next weekend at Fan Expo here in Toronto
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rest in peace Ashlynn [Aug. 9th, 2010|05:12 am]
I lost a dear friend today and cannot stop weeping  or grieving. my dear friend Ashlynn Handy has passed on at the tender age of 21. an age far too young to have passed on as she was just starting to experience what life holds in store. Ashlynn was a beautiful person inside and out and was loved by everyone she met and that love was returned . She was one of the most passionate individuals I have ever met and her enthusiam was always contagious her smile was wonderful and deep . She truly loved cosplaying and getting to meet others that did as well I was looking forward to seeing her costume for fan expo but now that will never happen

Ash, what can I really say other then you'll never be forgotten by any of us that loved you &  you will always be in our hearts

may the Goddess bless and keep you Ashlynn....

Ashlynn Handy
Jan, 4th 1989 -August 8th 2010

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